Is This The Lie That Destroyed The Democratic Party?

Breitbart reports former Senator J. Robinette Biden says Republicans do not want black people voting.

The little Robin is old enough to remember 1964, when Republicans, led by Illinois Everett Dirks on, burned the midnight oil for months on end, finally gaining passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If Republicans had qualms about minority voting they certainly have not let it show in the legislative packages they have passed.

There are dozens of other examples of Republicans striving to pass laws promoting minority voting, some dating to 1865. but J. Robinette Biden seems to have forgotten all about those laws – and to the Democratic opposition to most of them.

On the historical record, the Democratic Party was the party of the slave holders, of segregation, of low wages, bad education, and thrid world living conditions.

While the Democrats are making an effort to give minorities lip service, they are doing the same thing for Black Americans they did for Dreamers. Nothing.

So ceep on, little Robin. Hopefully sooner but sooner or later someone will realize the scam and start the mills that spell the end of that sort of politics to their doom.


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