Is There A Government Plot Against Guns?

Hurd asks if there is a government plot against guns.

I have no proof, or even a strong indication of any such plot. I do have multiple cass of the government knowing things about gun owners they should not, unless they are compiling a registry of gun owners, and a direct statement by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch that the purpose of Obama’s Universal Background Check fiat was to crate a registry of gun owners “who stay outside the NICS system” by purchasing gun from individuals.

The canses of anomolous information began cripping up in mid 2009, making the most likely suspect the FBI director’s immediate superior, Attorney General Eric Holder.

The practis is flatly illegal under the Brady Bill, which enabled the NICS system, but it continues.

But as far a a general government conspiracy against guns or gun owners, I have no proof and very little information that could lead to the conclusion that such a conspiracy exists.

That said, there are certainly many Socialists, including some zeaalots who would kill for their cause, on the Federal payroll. So the possibility is there, evidence or no.

As always, the watch word for the night is, as always, be vigilant.


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