Is The Dog About To Be Wagged?

The title of a satirical 1997 movie, Wag the Dog, has morphed into a buzzword for starting a war to stay in office. Mish Shedlock points out the fact that Obama has demanded negotiations with Iran that would leave nothing to negotiate. The terms Obama offers amounts to total surrender on Iran’s part.

And someone in the regime must know that will not happen. Even if if it costs every Iranian their lives, there will be no negotiation unless the Iranians see a face saving way out. So what Obama is “offering” is no more than a chance to strike first and hope for the best.

Since ‘Bam is intent on disarming the US, and cutting our nuclear arsenal to just 350 weapons, the best the Iranians will hope for will not be all that bad. A couple of cities on both sides lost, but the Iranian regime survives and has their casualties as martyrs to the cause.

And we get? Martial law, cancelled elections, and all that goes with that.


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