Is Short-Reporting Crime numbers Common?

I have expanded a search for “is editing new jersey crime totals common” to essentially cover the world, with ” is Short Reporting Crime Numbers common.

In a word, yes.

In more words, many Law Enforcement Agencies are pretty much “straight arrow,” led by people who tell the truth when it hurts.

Unfortunately, a substantial number are “go along to get alongs” working for a government that does not mind lying. You cannot trust the numbers those LEA’s release, because the interest of the chief’s chief comes first.

While there are justifiable lies, I often joke about the fact I refuse to tell a man I know is dying that he looks like one clean shirt would last him a lifetime, I refuse to be truthful to the point of cruelty. I suspect a certain Peter, a fisherman and one of those who carried a concealed weapon at the Last Supper would call a couple of burly angels totoos anyone who would commit such cruelty in the down chute.

The numbers are what the numbers are and should remain that way. While making the mayor look good is not the problem it is elsewhere, our LEA’s still do it. And the Chief’s chief still gets made as blazes when the lie is caught.


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