Is Gabby Giffords Angling For A Nobel Peace Prize?

for Arizona Gaabrelle Giffords-Kelly seems to angling for the same Nobel prize Obama recieved in 2009 as she spreads it on thick on the “benefits” of gun control.

The One News Page report features Giffords husband claiming the U.S. has 25 times the firearms death rate of any other industrialized country.

In fact, the U.S. firearms homicide rate is just 2.35 per 100,000, comparable to a third of the 50 European countries; and if cirminal on criminal murders are eliminated, our firearms homicide rate is 0.865, one of the 20 lowest such rates on the planet.

It is not until you add suicide to criminal violence – akin to adding apples to oranges to obtain a sum – that Kelly’s proposition becomes tenable – and that by jiggering the numbers to force a result that agrees with the propaganda.

It is well past time that the media ignore the Gifofrds-Kelly propaganda machine, and help us do something that actually reduces crime and makes people safer, instead of talking about their hatred of guns and gun owners.


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