Ironically, Gun Banners Focusing On Gun Thefts

WLRN reports gun banners are using a report for an anti-gun think tank as an excuse for more restrictive gun laws.

Briefly quoting the WLRN report,linked above:

Florida gun control advocates say a new report on gun theft by the Center for American Progress underscores the need for stricter laws. The left-leaning group estimates 80,000 guns were stolen from individual owners in Florida between 2012 and 2013.

Of course, the gun banners invariably block every effort we make to crack down on the gun traffickers who arm the criminal underworld.

Further, the “Center for American Progress is a Communo-Socialist organization, reportedly funded at least in part by George Soros Tides Foundation. As such, it has a vested interest in banning guns.

So yes, w need to get police,prosecutors, and legislators in high gear suppressing gun trafficking. After all, the $150 “police caliber” handgun sold without paperwork is the criminals stock in trade.

But no Fascisto or Communo Socialist group seems even slightly interested in suppressing crime. They want to deprive the law abiding the right to choose their own rulers.


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