Irma Shifts West, Look Out Gulf Coast

The latest prediction calls for Irma to go up the West Coast of Florida, with the remnants of Irma going through southern Georgia, central Alabama, and northern Mississippi.

La Donna e Mobile, “the lady is fickle” pretty much describes hurricanes. I sent my wife to gas up her vehicles and get the generator cans, even though we are far west of the predicted landfall.

Irma and Katrina were predicted to take s similar tracks, and then Katrina was forecast to come ashore at Morgan City, Louisianan. But Katrina followed Camille’s course and came ashore just west of Gulfport, Mississippi. The eye came within 15 miles of my business.

So if you live in near the Gulf of Mexico, the time to start preparing is now. The more so in that the northern gulf is very warm, and much of that would give Irma a recharge.


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