Interesting: the Great Watizzit

It is no great secret that I am curous about the UFO phenomena. I have been around so long I recall being interested when news reports told of a pilot who told of “a dinner plate size object keeping staiton just off my wingtip as I circle for altitude.”

Climbing – repotedtly estimated to be higher than Everest, and he has a dinner plate size object keeping station off his 0 as I recall Port_ wingtip? Even at about 14 I could see that was no “planet Venus.”

What was it? Darned if I know. But from the newspaper account, this was an Unidentified Flying Object; but not necessarily an Unidentifiable Flying Object which would be the proper terminology of some sort of alien craft.

Which is where it stands today. Here is Tucker Carlson and a guest discussing the current situation anent UFO’s:

so yes, I agree “they” are here, they are seen in the sky or sometimes in a body of water, we don’t know what they are, and it is unscientific to embrace a proposition without evidence, or regect a phenomenen because it does not fit accepted theory.

If you never see one, you have not lost anythng, and if you meed an alien they would probably be more afraid of you than you of them. But if you meet an act friendly, try to keep a few seconds distance, tgruyst them but be ready to defend yourself, and verify everything they tell you.


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