In The 20th Century, Gun Owner Lists Led To

Someone stopped by searching for “how many people were killed because their names were on gun registration lists.”

In a report based on 2012 data Reason’s J. D. Tuccille reported democide, whose victim lists wee in large part taken from gun owner registration records, killed 262,000,000, two hundred sixty two million, victims during the 20th Century.

Since then estimates done for studies of democide have gone as high as 305 million victims. While not all those names were taken from gun owner lists, the overwhelming majority were.

Howwever, with no frame of reference, those numbers mean very little to the average person.

Assuming 262 million democide victims, that is equivalent to alll of the people living in….

The United Kingdom, plus…

France, plus…

Germany,, p plus

Poland, plus

Switzerland, Plus


If the correct total is 306 million, we can remove Switzerland, and add Italy.

Put another way, the total number of persons murdered by their own government is somewhere between the entire population of the united States in 1995 and the US population in in 2008.

And the gun ban industry wants to get your name on a similar list.


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