In 231 years, 52 American Pols Have Been Murdered

According to wikipedia there have been 52 American politicians murdered in the last 2331 years, an average of 225/1.000ths of a politician murdered every year.

11 of those murders, out of more than 100,000 individuals who have served as State legislators were among the murdered. For the most part, the reasons were mixed “Sme monkey who found another monkey playing with his monkey.” Foolin’ Around!

ow, 11 State legislators, out of the more than 1330.999 individuals who have served in an American State legislature. Seems like being a member of the State Legislature is being as you can get.

he reason for this reflection Arkansas Democrat website, Arkansas Online.

It seems >a quartet of Arkansas legislators are unhappy with Arkansas’ gun laws.

and here they are with virtually no risk to themselves – at least as long as they do not tray adding someone else’ wife to their collection.

And yet many State legislators will deny their honest and hard working constitutionts the god given right to an effective defense of self and pelf

Yet this quartet of people who run the most minuscule of risks want to stop responsible, law abiding citizens from defending self, pelf, Curtice and demesne for in a dormitory room?

Come on, now guys. from the results of 57,789 nonconsecutive bloody failures, no gun laws are better than any gun laws. And until someone comes up with a substantial number of successful gun control laws that is what the numbers are going to say.

So let those instructors teach – or make Arkansas a full Constitutional Carry State. Save lives, look sharp, and have something to tell the folks in Gentry, Magnolia, McGehee Waldo, Brinkley, Bearden, Fort Smith, Helena, Newport, and points in between.


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