“Illegal Entry” Bill Moving In Indiana

Indiana Public Media reports a reaction to last year’s Indiana Supreme Court decision backing illegal entry by police is moving in the Indiana legislature.

Briefly quoting the IPM report linked above:

The legislation passed by the House Thursday specifies that the Castle Doctrine also applies to law enforcement officers. The bill’s House sponsor, Brookville Republican Jud McMillin, says the Supreme Court’s ruling forced the legislature’s hand.

“When the Supreme Court said you no longer have the right to resist unlawful actions, it created a problem. I think everybody would agree that you should not be able to resist a police officer doing something lawful and, in fact, this legislation specifically says that,” McMillin says.

Of course, Indiana law enforcement opposes the bill. They generally do, when a bill is proposed requiring them to check house numbers and read warrants. And perhaps conduct a raid the old fashioned way, with a knock on the door at a time when the resident is likely to be awake to answer the door.

But illegal entry is still illegal. And law or no law, those who enter illegally are likely to wind up with as many new holes as a colander. As the saying goes, buckshot leaves a mighty oozy corpse.

So the Bill is also a police officers protection bill as much as it is a citizen protection bill.


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