If You Have A Weak Stomach: Those Are Not Chicken Parts

The War Between the Cartels Heats Up, El Chapo Challenges El Z’s”

Borderland Beat reports Chapo Guzman’s hitmen, sicarios, have challenged the Zeta Cartel in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, just across the Rio from Laredo, Texas.

If you click on the link you may want to cover the pictures. Briefly excerpting the text from the Borderland Beat item:

The dismembered bodies of the Zetas were accompanied by narcomensajes, directed at their leaders, in which El Chapo challenges the cartel in their own territory. One message complains that they do not honor or comply with the established truce and called them traitors.

Of course, the Sinaloa Cartel reportedly has links to the Chicago Combine, while the Zeta’s have their own links to American political circles. Time will tell whether Sinaloa or the Z’s are the stronger. But you can pretty much bet that the winner of the contest will be occupying our streets after the dust settles.


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