IF TRUE: Forewarned Is Forearmed

One of the primary sources of fake news reports “Red” Bernie Sanders followers, almost all Marxists of one sort or another meaning gun ban activists, are mobilizing to establish a position in the 2018 elections.

A government run by Marxists would be similar to Marxist governments the world over, from Sanders pick of Venezuela to purseu the Marxian dram in, to Argentina, to Cambodia, Albania, and other “sate control of everything” governments run by the “elites” for their own benefit.

Americans, particularly the shooting community, still hold a solid majority, and barring vote fraud on an even more massive scale than we have seen, or a fatal mistake on the part of our leaders, the Marxians pose no immediate threat.

Regardless, we must make sure that Free Enterprise advocates win the overwhelming majority of the 2018 elections, and that we keep our feet firmly on the head of that snake.


About Stranger

Extranos Alley is a Collaborate effort to provide up to information on the relationship between restrictive gun laws and violent crime; as well as other related topics. While emphasis is on United States gun laws and crime, we also provide data on crime trends world wide.
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