If There Were No Fraud, There Would Be No Fright

The American Thinker’s Monica Showaler reports Colorado recently DE-registered NWEW 3M499 “VOTERS” AND the Democrats are scared to death.

Well, all one can say about that is that if there were no vote fraud there would be no cause for fright. But expressing dismay that never-existed, dead, moved away, or otherwise disqualified registrants is a de facto admission there is vote fraud Colorado.

To add to the fake registrant problem,Colorado’s voting process with mail in ballots seems purposely designed to provide as many voters as the ANTI-gun party needs to stay in power until the end of time.

That Open, vote, seal and mail setup allows for almost anyone to vote – and those with access to a printing press to vote mant hundreds of times – and votes essentially to be cast by the buckefull.

In reality, Colorado is one of the States that need Federal supervision until the election system is rebuilt with security and an honest vote is reestablished.


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