If One Right Is Protected, They all Should Be

Someone stopped by searching for “gun possession constitutional.”

In law, a “right” is a legal permission to do something morally correct, justifiable, or at least acceptable.

Our Constitution grants Americans just one “right,” the right to vote. The first ten amendments to the Constitutions grant a second right, the right to “keep and bear arms, which shal not be abridged,” or made less.

Therefore,except those who have by some action of thier own lost their civil rights,every Natural born or naturalized citizen has an absolue and irreducible right to own, to possess, and to bear, carry, guns and knives.

Any attempt to reduce or eliminate that Right is unconstitutional.

But how about permits to purchase, permits to possess, licenses to carry, and similar restrictive gun laws?

The Supreme Court has ruled that the right to vote cannot be taxed, and taxes, fees, or other imposed on those who would exercise the right to vote are unconstitutional.

A poll tax is therefore unconstitutional. But the right to vote has no clause saying that right may not be made less.

The Second Amendment clearly states the right to keep and Bear arms, up to and including swords and cannon, may not be less. Therefore, State issued permits to purchase, licenses to possess,permits to carry,and the other charges some would place on gun purchases, gun possession, and carrying a gun should logically be as unconstitutional as a poll tax.

And even more so if those taxes or fees are intended to reduce the right of the people to purchase, possess, or carry a protected class of objects, firearms,knives, and related appurtenances.


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