I Wonder How Long Since That One Was Stolen

The Chicago Sun Times reports on a 12 year old Chicago gang banger caught with a gun.

The photo of the “Saturday Nitht Special” the boy was carrying caught my attention. I am by no means an authority of Saturday night specials, I have owned 1 High Standard Longhorn, and one Owls Head that was a gift in my life The .22 shorts chambered West German products never appealed to me,. But the revolver pictured reminds me of a some of Charlie Turnipseed’s stock, the MSRP $29.95 MSRP jobbies Charlie would ask $49.95 for Most of those would come in an RG box, and otherwise be as bereft of identification as a “Baby Moon” hubcap.

Those were banned by the Firearms Act of 1968, on several grounds, so I wonder how long that revolver has been one of the criminal underworld’s “floating armory” inventory.


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