I See Weather Underground Agrees With Me – Isaac To Come Ashore In Mississippi.

As I posted earlier today, I expect Tropical Storm/Himacane Isaac to pass far offshore of Tampa, and come ashore at the Gulfport, Pass Christian area of Mississippi. That track will only be up a few hours, so I will not link it, linking instead to Wunderground’s main tropical weather page.

No one needs a hurricane, but if I had my druthers, Isaac will shift even further west and hit the relatively sparsely populated Louisiana coast and drift even further west as it trundles north. But that is a great deal to hope for.

At the moment Isaac is on the same course that Katrina and Camille took. So if your area got flooding from Camille, Frederick, Georges, or Katrina, you have a good possibility of history repeating itself. And don’t expect a great deal of help from the Feds. Word came down about three and a half years ago that survivors will pretty much be on their own.


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