I really do not believe IBD wants to go there

I see Investors Business Daily says Japaaan has almost completely and are wide eyed innocently eager to do the same thing.

well, will we, won’t we, ae are – getting older. But the Japanese are not reproducing themselves, so an aging population is doing the job of cutting crime.

Bit fpr a bit of history, Japan’s Emperor decreed severe restrictions amounting to a ban on privately held firearms in the lat 1600’s, more than 400 years ago. As a result, Japan’s 120 million or so people have only about a million gun owners.

next, the Japanese police inspect every home twice a year for compliance with the laws. Any suggestion that a citizen might have some form of contraband turns a formal seard of the “open your drawers so I can see what you have” to a full fledged “why is there lint in these pockets search.

Further, Japan’s organized crime is well organized under a single “roof.” The gang wars that are the causative factor in five of eight of our homicides do not exist in Japan.

And finally, after American’s started to buy defensive weapons instead of sporting and target firearms, America’s homicide rate dropped below that of Japan at that time.

I hae posted about Japanese gun laws, relaying what knowledgeable Japanese have told me that I could confirm on the internet. some of the links may have died, but with the information above it should be fairly easy to confirm all of the above.

Including the fact that we are about 400 years too late to follow japan into the gun control trap.

As for Investors Business Daily, if that is the sort of advice they hand out I would be reluctant to follow their advice.


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