I Call Them “Man Afraid Of Their Neighbors,” But The Shrinks Have Another Name For Their Condition

Browsing the gun blogs during my lunch break, I see Sebastian talks about Joanie Peterson. I don’t bother with the anti-blogs, since they generally have little to say that passes the basic IQ test, and more traffic only encourages them.

From Sebastian’s comments Joanie, bless her heart, (def 2) apparently confuses the semi-mythical “zombie;” a person whose personality has been made subservient to that of another by use of the sap of the datura plant and other things; with the very real “black person.” And the comedy of errors goes from there. Click the link for Sebastian’s description. While I describe the Joanies.

I generally call Joanie’s class of anti-gunners as a “man afraid of his neighbors.” Being polite and all even though I am a “damn Yankee.” That being one who came to the South and never went home.

But the psychologists have another name for it. Phobics. People afraid. Agoraphobics are so afraid of open space they lock themselves in their homes. Ablutophobics refuse to bathe. Alliumphobics are afraid of garlic. Cainophobics are afraid of new things. Rupophobics are terrorized by dirt. And just as toxicophobics are afraid of being poisoned, Joanie Dear is afraid a gun will hurt her.

Of course, trying to live up to my upbringing, I say Joanie, just as much as the local anti, is “a woman afraid of her neighbors.” My shrink friend says “She has a gun phobia. She is afraid her neighbors gun will break into her house and harm her.”

Since you really cannot reason with a phobic, I generally ignore them.


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2 Responses to I Call Them “Man Afraid Of Their Neighbors,” But The Shrinks Have Another Name For Their Condition

  1. Bob S. says:

    Ignoring them is a personal choice.

    I make another. I actually encourage traffic to their sites for the most part. I often read their blogs to understand what argument they are making — or at least trying to make.

    I link to their blogs often.

    What I found in my own beginnings as an advocate is we shouldn’t let them be the 0nly voice on their site. When I first started looking for data, information and discussion was all too often the antis’ arguments went unchallenged on their sites. Had I stopped there (as some do) I would have gotten a very different picture of our rights and the facts.

    You are correct, in my opinion, that they are phobics. I just feel we need to show it is their personal issues that are driving them to restrict our rights….not anything based in reality.

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