Hugo Chavez On Life Support?

Fausta’s Blog reports Venezuealan dictator Hugo Chavez is rumored to be on life support in Cuba.

In a perfect world, those with a lust for power and a copy of Das Kapital would be given a choice spot in front of the wall and a final cigarette. Instead, Chavez seized power and has been nothing short of an absolute disaster for the very people he promised to help.

Also in a perfect world, Chavez descent to his just reward would result in the disarmed Venezuelans getting their defensive weapons back, and crime rates returning to their pre-Chavez levels. Elevated by world standards but relatively normal by regional standards.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. It will take far more time to repair the damage Chavez has done to his country than the time he has spent in office.

Like Juan Peron, whose policies came from the same playbook, it is likely that sixty years from now the Venezuelan people will still be suffering from the aftereffects of Chavez’ craze for power.


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