Huffpo Claim: Gun Control Reduces

“Contributing: to HuffPo one John Tires. political history professor, asks ‘asks’ if gun control laws make gun controls reduce gun homicide rates in States.

States is a catchall, and can be anything from the Vatican to Russia, and a population of a few hundred to a billion and a half. that said, Further, homicide is a catchall word for any “man killing,” and in including self defense and police man killings, the Gentleman has muddied the water.

By preference, a statistician would prefer to elimiate the theological states and remnant principalities such as Monaco, and limit the subject class to murder victims, in order to proved a concise answer instead of half a textbook.However, I see history has as little to do with history as it dowes with statistics.

The conditions are what they are, so let us proceed.

In order to get an affirmative on the defects of gun control, the answer must satisfy two criteria.

First, the number of homicides must not increase when gun controls are imposed, and second, the rate of firearms facilitated murders must not increase.

If the professor will do his “homework,” he will find no verifiable instance in which either condition is satisfied.

None, not any, de nada. In the serie of posts just concluding, without exception every restrictive gun control campaign and every restrictive gun law has resulted in more murders, and more police killings.

Father, every gun control campaign and every restrictive gun law has resulted in a sharp increase in the percentage of gun related murders. Typically, a State that had a 45% gun murder rate in 1960 has achieved a 70 percent rate within five years or so, and maintains that high rate to this day.

the chart below shows the results of a gun control campaign and subsequent gun control laws starting in 1963, the effects of ammunition buyer registration in 1972, the effects of the Assault Weapons Ban Caampaign of 1987, the effects of allowing Must “issue” concealed carry in 1993, and finally, in red, the results of the news gun control campaign in red:

And of course any serous student of an issue is glad to share his sources, in this case data excerpted from the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

But it really does not matter what State you choose. If it has restrictive gun laws, the results are modified by well defined social and economic factors, but are otherwise the same.

Gun control iiis a seriousness of bloody fialures, no more, and certainly no less.


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