How’s That Again? Socialism Is Fair?

Someone with a San Jose URL dropped a comment essentially saying that Socialism promotes economic and social justice.

Well, 2900 years ago, “Communism,” or “Communalism,” was sold on a basis that everyone would put what they had into a common store, and everyone would be given an equal share of everything. In some cases including wives and children.

As Aristotle put it 400 years later, “You do not know what trouble is until you live in a Communist society.” Alexander the Greats teacher used more words, but that is the bottom line, in a book titled Politics. Look it up. Search “Aristotle on communism.”

But to go back to the basic concept, Socialism demands that everyone put everything they make into a common store, a series of State warehouses. Where everything will be shared equally, paradise will descend on Earth and everyone will live happily ever after.

But here in the real world, do these starving children, victims of Stalin’s Holodomor, look like they are getting their fair share?:


Do these adult starved and gassed victims s of the National SOCALST German Worker’s Party (NAZI) Party Holocaust appear to have gotten their fair share?


01polpot Do the bones of these victims of Pol Pot’s Communo-Socialist r regime appear to have gotten their fair share?

Try as you like, from ancient Mesopotamia to today’s Venezuela, the story is the same. Socialism is sold as “taking the total of goods and services, dividing it by the population, and everyone shares equally.’

In reality, human’s control the distribution, and those humans keep the best from
women to wealth for themselves.

Yes, there have been a few short term Socialist societies whose original leadership “went slowly.” It was sixteen years before the Soviet Union began deliberately starving entire peoples to death.

But invariably, the end is the same. The destruction of a society and the imposition of an oligarchy.


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