How Would You Vote On Background Checks, Waiting Periods, Age Limits On Gun Purchases

The ANTI-gim Tampa Bay Times wants to know how you would vote on age limits or 3 day waiting periods for gun purchasers.

Since I am for a zero-crime socieity, and our crime rates were far lower when gun control was a pipe dream:

(Highlighted columns represent years in whch he latest gun ban camaigns have been active.)

I would prefer the “no gun laws in force” of the America between 1885 and 1905. Since rationality has not a chance in the Tampa Bay Times, I threw in Universal Background checks for discussion.

1.) Waiting periods are the oldest form of gun control, and the Socialist Bloc’s “infinite waiting periods for permission to purchase a firearm are notorious. As are those State’s crime real world crime rates.

The idea is to allow local law enforcement to approve a gun buyer, and compile a list of gun owners. A crime occurs, look at the list of gun owners and pick the most likely suspect, and the cas is solved. Except that here in the real world things do not work that way.

In reality, as my friend and Police Chief Willie Oubre put it, “There’s not one Department in a thousand has the manpower to check the backgrounds of every gun buyer. So most don’t even try.”

As usual with my friend. You can pretty much write off waiting periods with those words and with the fact that criminals buy guns from other criminals.

As far as reducing crime, what is the waiting time between a burglary and a gun theft? Criminals do not buy guns from legitimate sources and earn their “easy living breaking the law. Meaing waiting periods have very little chance of affecting the crime rate.

2.) Age limits were imposed during the Renaissance, primarily as a means of identifying potential lawbreakers, and also to identify “volunteers” for the auxilary military units called militia. something that made cannon fodder of healthy young gun owners, and also provided a list of individuals who could stand on the city walls and take shots at the Turk. If the Turk ever came back.

3.) Criminal background checks for all gun buyers and for “unauthorized ssellers,” meaning Pop trying to give Mom that defensive weapon she has been hinting at.

Criminal background checks were proposed in th e17th Century, but only became practical in the late 20th Century. If cirminals bought guns from firearms dealers the theory might have some justification, but even 19970’s studies found only one or two criminals in 100 had even attempted to buy a gun from a legitimate source. Instead, criminals buy guns from friends or relatives who are engaged in the same trade, crime, as they are. So background checks have NO utility in controlling crime.

We have a National Criminal background Check system for one reason and one reason only. There was some thought that background checks might reduce crime, and Democrats were and are determined to ban rifles. Background checks were an effort to get something that might work in place for a terribly concieved gun ban precursor.

All three of these schemes have been used to compile owners lists, which are used to identify gun owners for free trips to reeducation camps, and other undesirable places. So, like any sane and informed human, oppose these schemes.

Since useless law is bad law, I oppose Background checks, waiting periods, and age limits on firearms purchases.

The only way to successfully suppress crime and make society more civilized is to insure a well armed citizenry vigilante to insure the laws of the lad are observed.


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