How To Get An Accurate Poll Of Gun Owners?

Crossing comments with Bill, the 2Aguy, I was once again reminded of the wild inaccuracy of the various polls purporting to report how many guns and how many gun owners there are in the United States.

We have almost 54 years of media and politicians hatred for guns and gun owners. We have been threatened with everything from confiscation to summary execution – and since we are human we waste a lot of breath lying to pollsters.

We do not know who this voice is on the telephone, we do not know what their intent is, and we do not even begin to believe them with they say “I an from the Gallup Organization, and only your yes or no answer will be recorded.”

So how do you determine how Americans have a gun in the house? Something much like trial lawyers do with witnesses. The interview them, so when they ask “did see the defendant rob the bottle ship?” they will not be shocked with a “no.”

For gun owners, it takes two polls, one of persons or families known to own a gun. After you poll 500 or so gun owners in a given area, who have presumably been sjubject to the same character assassination by the media and their politicians, you should have a “false negative” factor.

Then conduct your poll,making sur those olled are in the ame “market,” so they a subject to the same influences, apply your correction factor to the negative responses, and you will have a defensible answer to the “percentage of homes with guns,” or other gun related question.l

Of course, this is expensive, and virtually every poll on gun related subjects is bought and paid for by organizations ranging from CNN and the New York Times Bloomberg’s propagandists who want something to use for anti0gun agitprop, and are unwilling to spend what an accurate poll would cost.

So the pub lic gets an unending stream of propaganda, often based in nothing more than some paid propagandists diseased imagination.


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