How Much Would It Cost To Adequately Fund Pro-Gun Candidates?

Kayce asks how much it would cost to adequately fund pro-gun candidates for Federal office.

Assuming that a responsible candidate can be found for each of the 478 House and Senate seats that will be contested in 2014, it would require $1,051,600,000 to match Bloomers Bloomberg’s contribution to the Robin Kelly campaign.

That amounts to just $13.61 for each household with one or more guns.

That amounts to just $4.39 for each American with a gun at home.

Of course, there would be a relatively small amount of overhead in amassing and distributing so much money. Organizations like the National Rifle Association are already set up for that and could do the job for a few percent of the total. Call it $14.00 per household or $4.50 per American with a gun in their home.

If everyone contributes, the amount needed from each of us is small. And the shooting community is more than generous with time and effort. How about adding a little money to that?

The price a 550 count box of .22’s used to be for households, and the price of a single box of .22’s for individuals. And that much again to make up for the ones who will not contribute.


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