How Much Has Gun Control Cost The United States?

You can drop a question at any comment, you don’t have to make it a contact comment. Bu anyway, Schatse vot New Canaan asks a reasonable question.

Starting on November 30, 1963, hiw much has gun control cost the United States.

In 1963 dollars or 2017 minibucks?

What do you reckon the cost of a human life at?

Do you count a permanently disabled person as a net loss, or a partial loss.

And tehen it gets comples.

REscoining in 1963 dollars, when a fully loaded Oldsmobile 98 was around $3000 fp a sjar[ bargaomer. with no trade in, and paying cash. we reckon the overall cost of gun control at $2,000,000,000,000 (Two trillion) USD – or in micorbucks about seven times that.

Saving the entertainment industry’s profits has surely been a costly proposition.


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