“How Many Guns Sold Monthly In America For 2012?”

Someone came by searching for “how many guns sold monthly in america for 2012.”

UPDATE Total 2012 sales of new and used guns totals approximately 18,500,000 guns.

FBI NICS Numbers through April, 2012

Since the May FBI NICS check numbers are not out yet, what we have are only through April. (click on the graphic for a clearer view. The total for a third of 2012 amounts to 6,282,428 and well over 5,600,000 new and used gun sales. Add the “private transfers,” inherited guns or sales between individuals, estimated at 25,000 pieces a month, and you wind up with a conservative number of 5,700,000 gun sales in four months. Or 1,425,000 gun sales a month for the first four months of 2012.

However, it should be noted that gun sales would be much higher if gun makers could produce more guns. At the moment my favorite gun dealer has a few “police trade ins” in his case and nothing at all in the way of new guns.


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