How Many Gun Related Deaths A Year?

Someone stopped by searching for “how many gun related deaths a year.”

That depends on what year. If the year is 1991, at the peak of gun control mania the combined total of gun related homicides and gun accidents was 17,762 plus 1,441 fatal firearms accidents for a total of 19,203.

When the gun control drives became less pervasive the number of gun deaths dropped. For 2010, the last year we have official totals for both homicide and accidental deaths, the FBI reported 8,775 gun related murders and the CDC reported 606 fatal gun accidents for a total of just 9,381. Which is a nice 51.2 percent combined decline over a 19 year period when Americans purchased almost 140 million new guns.

Of course, some would like to include suicide in the total. In a world where anyone can go to a big box store and buy a roll of duct tape and take it home in a plastic shopping bag, the weapon used in suicide has become immaterial and irrelevant.

The suicide chose to kill himself, and the gun is innocent of any moral or ethical responsibility for the act. In short, listing suicide numbers is promulgating a fallacy. And introducing a red herring to the debate.


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