“How Many Children Killed By Guns 2011”

Someone came by searching for “how many children killed by handguns 2011.” The CDC does not break down firearms deaths by weapon. But the total for all guns is far less than the media and the gun control propagandists have lead the public to believe.

2008 Causes of Unintentional Deaths

While the gun banners like to say 10000 children a day, 500 a day, or some other absurd number of children die in firearms accidents, the Center For Disease Control counts death certificates and says the true number killed in a gun accident is less than one and a half a week. And even that total includes 25 to 30 suicides that coroners have chosen to list as “accidents.”

You can click on the image on the left, where the total is given as 75, or go to the CDC’s WISQUARS site and confirm this chart. Scroll to the bottom, change to “top 20” causes of death, set the age range to <1 to 15 and let the program do its thing. You will get a pair of vertical charts, and click on the "unintentional deaths" box to get a chart just like this one. Then you can back up a page, click on the homicide box, and get a chart just like this. Which says the CDC counted 406 childhood homicides during the last year data has been completely tabulated, 2008. What it does not say is that more than 80 percent are gang related, another 7% are unwanted children murdered by a parent. But those are is true as well. [caption id="attachment_17497" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="2008 Childhood Homicides"][/caption]

Unless they have changed the way arithmetic works since 1940, 75 fatal childhood gun accidents plus 406 children murdered with some sort of gun adds up to a grand total of 481 children killed with a gun during 2008. That is just under half the total for 1988, when Handgun Control Inc., and other gun control groups were trying to push through the Brady Bill.

Nor does it say that every year private gun ownership has grown, the firearms related homicide and accidental death rates among all age groups has dropped. More guns mean less crime. And more guns mean fewer gun accidents, as well.

Something clearly shown by the fact that we have some 75 million American children under 16. That “demographic cohort” has more than 50 million man years of exposure to firearms each year, with an “all causes” fatality rate of less than 1 per 100,000 child years of exposure. Few things are as safe to have in your home as a firearm. Care to familiarize children with firearms at an early age will further reduce the residual risk involved in keeping guns in the home.


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