How Many AR-15’s Are In Circulation?

Someone stopped by searching for “how many ar-15’s are in circulation?”

Fewer than you might think. While the numbers accumulate, most years since the “assault weapon ban” popularized the semi-automatic Sport Utility rifle in 1991, sales have seldom exceeded 250,000 units a year; just over 2,200,000 a decade, and even counting the myriad “stripped lowers” sold for owners to assemble, the highest defensible number is 11,000,000.

The actual total is probably somewhat less, in the nine to tenfive to eight million range. For a measure of comparison, slightly less than three percent of the rifles that are in American’s hands. Or about eight billion dollars worth, at an average valuation of $1,250 each.

Of course, yours and mine are worth considerably more than that.


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