How Many Americans Collect Guns?

Someone stopped by searing for #American gun collectors.”

The gun banners have Americans so nervous about admitting gun ownership that the question is difficult to answer with any degree of precision.

Working from what we know, it appears approximately 2.3 percent of Americans who own guns collect guns, making the total number of gun collectors at slightly greater than five million, and more than four million of us own more than 100 guns – accounting for 500 million of the 740 million guns in private citizens hands.

And the risk from that concentration of guns? Neglible.

Searching almost 50 years of newspaper clippings reveals on 18 individuals described as gun collectors arrested for some serious crime, and of those, only 3 were for a violent crime.

Considering the sheer number of violent crimes reported to the police each year and the comparatively large number of collectors, that is indicative of just how low the crime rate is among gun owners.


NB: While it is not possible to judge the percentage of error in the gun owner numbers in this post, the error is almost certainly on the low side.


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