How Ha Cuomo’s SAFE Act Impacted Crime In NY

DAn Clark,writing for Politifact New York has a few comments about the effect of rhetirically asks how Governor Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE At has affected crime.

There are two major problems that prevent anything like a defenisbel assessment of the SAFE Act. The first is simply that we need at lest 10 years of experience, and we have only two. Therefore any conclusions drawn from the heavily edited ‘official crime numbers’ is a fools errand.

Cuomo’s career defining SAFE Act was rammed through in early 2014, and promptly met a legal challenge. 2014 is therefore partial year data, giving us the FBI data for 2014 and 2015. According to the heavily edited official numbers, violent is down slightly.

But Adrian Schoolcroft and many others blew the lid off New York City’s crime statistics years ago. If the pols need a decline in crime rates, they throw out enough crimes to make their marks.

Therefore,we can have no confidence at all in the official crime numbers. Unofficially, media crime reports indicate crime is up – but those numbers re not official. And,as everyone knows,newspapres regularly invent crimes to full up unused advertising space. NOT!

Given the facts about New York’s crime sttes, no credence can be given ANY conclusion about About Cuomo’s SAFE Act. But I can say that more than 57,260 restrictive gun lws have failed to reduce cirme or make anyone safer; and it would be amazing if a bill crafted in total ognorance managed to be the first to achieve that.


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