How Anti-Gun Is The Administration? This Anti-Gun

Missouri car dealer Max Motors gave away a certificate that a qualified new car buyer could redeem for an AK-47 look alike. All very legal, all paperwork handled by a licensed dealer, and so on. So naturally, they were hassled by the BATmen.

Briefly quoting the Human Events item linked above:

The ATF people were just as nice as can be. They were not mean or hateful—and finally I asked the lady on the phone: Don’t you have something better to do?” he said. He then re-explained that there were vouchers for guns and that no guns were being given away.

“She said: ‘Let me tell you how important this is, the White House started their morning with a briefing on you. We got a call from Washington, D.C. this morning. They wanted you checked out.”

And naturally enough, he was also hassled by Government Motors, had his personal insurance cancelled, the bank handling his financing refused to do business with him. And yes, the State of Missouri got into the act as well.

When the President wants to shut you down, he has a long reach. But that is how anti-gun this regime is. So anti gun that it will shut down a businessman who is complying with the law.

Of course, it was a successful promotion. And they are doing it again. In October, in fact. If you are in the area and car shopping, you might want to buy a Ford or a Dodge from Max Motors.

GM? Well, it’s a free country. Where a citizen can still own a Kalashnikov look-alike. And even buy a Government Made car.

And let me give a tip of the Stetson to Say Uncle for the tip.


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