House Set To Throw Money At School Security

MSN the U.S. House of Representatives us set to appropriate money for school security.

There nothing wroing with appropriating money, provided that action addresses the root of the problem. But the root of the problem is a stupid law called the Gun Free Zaone Act of1990 and its sucessor, the Gun Free Zone Act of 1995.

Before Members of Congress and the Media started talking up “Gun Free Scchools in about 1986, scchool shootings were about as rare as finding a hundrred dollar bill in a high school parking lot. But just look aat the results of making schools “gun free>” Here is a chart from the media:

And here is a year by year student body count that is almost entirely due to a Congress that did not bother with the facts, just the improving the chances of retaining office:

When you look at the results of banning guns, which are the same as banning guns in a city or state on a smalller scale, 50 States instead of 13,500 school systems, you have more than adequate cause to repeal that law.

The bottom line is simple. If youi want SAFE schools, repeal the Gun Free Zone act of 1995, add money to provide armed security for schools, and set reasonable standards for firearms training for teachers. And then we can bet back to our normal, very low, rate of school shootings and low mean number of casualties.

And yes, to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons in classrooms. Students will be safer, and students will give teachers more respect.


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