“Holster Shooting Accidents?”

Someone came by searching for “holster shooting accidents.”

I suspect the search is a result of the recent death of a Wisconsin woman who was killed by an NID while she was adjusting her bra holster. However, let me start from the beginning.

There are a surprising number of holster related Not Intentional Discharges every year. From the ones that make the media and my own experience, most involve the ability to access the trigger before the gun is clear of the holster and the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. If any direction in front of a loaded gun with a finger on the trigger is a safe direction.

Perhaps surprisingly, a bag holster of some sort, from a gun carried in a pocket to one of those “universal fit” bag contraptions seem to be the worst offenders. A hasty reach for Betsy, and either the gun hangs in the fabric or the full weight of the gun is on the trigger and inertia takes over and something has a hole in it.

Usually a leg, an frequently a femoral artery. If you do not have trained assistance present, you can bleed out in about a minute. But how many times do you have a surgeon handy?

Another common cause of holster related accidents are holsters like the Tom Threepersons design that give access to the trigger before it is drawn. Again, during a fast draw inertia provides far more “weight” on the trigger than it takes to touch Betsy off. Boom!

Still another surprisingly common cause of an NID is a loud noise. Back when, an Oklahoma storekeep was holding a would be robber at gunpoint when lightning struck a tree nearby. It only took the flinch to empty his old single barrel shotgun. Nobody hurt, but he had to buy some roofing.

Among the files are a half dozen cases of pocket and “appendix carry” NID’s that – well, just say that guy will never have children. With a properly designed holster, appendix and kidney carry is safe enough, but make sure that your setup is safe. With an empty gun, some time, and a great many draws from holster.

Now, bra carry, I do not know about. The victim in the bra holster death is described as former military, a law enforcement officer, and so on, and I cannot vouch for any of that. I can say that a gun wise person would not ordinarily try to adjust a holster with a loaded gun in it.

I assume the lady was in a hurry – and haste makes waste.

But I would feel as awkward shopping for a bra holster as I would in the lingerie department of a women’s shop. If any of the Alley’s readers know more about those holsters than my zero, I would appreciate them sharing the information.


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