Holder “Sorry and Angry” About “Gun Violence Killing Law Enforcement Officers”

CNS News reports Attorney General Eric Holder is ‘Sorry’ and ‘Angry’ About ‘Gun Violence’ Killing Law Enforcement Officers.

Briefly quoting the CNS News item linked, and it’s headline quoted, immediately above:

Holder noted that 177 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty last year, a 16 percent increase from 2010. “And 71 of these officers were killed by gun violence,” he said.

“I am sorry – and, quite frankly, I am angry – to report that, since the beginning of 2012, we have mourned the loss of an additional 24 law enforcement officers.”

Holder seems innumerate, as well as biased against guns and other things. The Officer Down Memorial Site reports the death of Deputy Sheriff Barbara Pill on March 6, 2012; today; is the 21st line-of-duty death among American law enforcement officers for 2012.

66 days into 2012, there have been ten “deaths by gunfire,” a 38 percent decline compared to the same period in 2011.

66 days into 2012, there have been 17 “auto related deaths” a 46% decline compared to the same period in 2011.

So Holder is wrong about the number of LEO’s killed in the line of duty. Just as he is wrong about most things. Including his public statements about the various DOJ/ATF “Gunwalking Operations,” which have put some 12,000 weapons in the hands of Mexican NarcoCartels and Nicaragua’s notorious MS-13.

It is ironic that Holder chose to mention the “U.S.-Mexico State Alliance Partnership,” whose stated purpose was to boost cooperation between law enforcement officials and institutions of the United States and Mexico. From what I gather from the Mexican media, Mexico wants to prosecute Holder, not cooperate with him.

In particular, Holder’s Mexican counterpart, Marisela Morales, would like to turn Holder over to the Mexican Army’s Yaqui interrogators. They have a way of getting the truth out of prisoners, and truth is something that has been sadly lacking since Eric Holder settled in at the “Department of Justice.”


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