Hmm: Steve Bannon, “Fly Right Or Get Primaried”

Breitbart’s Steve Bannon has told Congressional Republicans that you cannot be a “Never Trumper” and get a second chance.

The treat is of running a well financed and unconventional primary campaign against a RINO incumbent Or, to put it another way, against those who tells us we should vote for them because they own guns and love the Second Amendment, but who will not lift a finger to pass a bill erasing unconstituional municipal or State gun bans. O who is the firm friend of the shooting community and of gun rights, when he is not busy calling for gun control.

Forcing an incumbent to undergo a primary challenge essentially means running two election campaigns in a few monts, the first for the opportunity to run for the office, and the secind the actual run for the office he or she holds. It is double the trouble, and in this era when campaign funds are drying up, something that can keep even a successful candidate in hock for the rest of is or her life.

It is a serious threat but it is a solution to an extremeliy serious problem. One way or the other, there must be some changes made and if it becomes necessary this is as good a way as any.


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