Hmm: Should Democrats Abandon Gun control?

Some unkind sould sent me a link to a video clip that, among other things, asks if the Democrats should stop running on teir gun control platform.

Lyndon Johnson was the first to run for National Office on a gun control platform, advocating a waiting period to allow local law enforcement to give the eyeball to a gun buyer’s name and see if it is familiar. so ar as I can tell it was only mentioned twice by the campaign, and Johnson was elected. Only to be forced out in 1968 in part by back blast from his support of what became the Gun Control Act of 1968.

In the 49 years from then to now, the Democrats have has a 18/82 percent success failure ratio when they run on a gun control platform. After all, a 1 win to four losses record is not a recipe for long term control. If the Republicans had not been so completely inept on so many issues, playing “me too Tom’s” when the public wanted them to fight, the Democratic Party would still hold a few cities, but be out of national politics.

But dropping gun congtrol as an issue would end that issue’s constant reminder of just how evil the Partei is, and could even breath new life into Chucky and co.

So don’t abandon gun control, Democrats. We need the reminders.


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