Hmm: Comcast replacing Megyn Kelly w. Katie Couric

In a battle of ladies who have tanked their careeers, I seee Megyn Kelly, who was slaed to cover teh soel winter Olympics has been replaced with Katie Couric.

here is Couric, who seems to share the belief that any lie that advances gun control is no lie at all, being schooled by Carley Fiorina:

You can bet that Couric was doing her head shaking eyrolling “this is so stupid act all through Mrs. Fiorina’s lesson.

NBC, meaning Comcast, taded this for that:

At least Kelley was able to retain a civilized demeanor when the gun ban flacck from Gotham, Robert Zimmerman, parroted a long series of Everytown Against Guns fictions.

And, even though she agrees with Zimmerman, who actually seems to believe that only Sate employees should possess a defensive weapon, and retained her cool in face of extraordiary gun ban jabber, Kelly stays home, and a person who edited a gun ban interview to make the subjects of interrogation appar lackwits, Couric goes to south Korea, whle the clarly more responsible talking head stays home.

Demonstrating that Comcast’s execs are as nutty as the gun banners they give air time.


NB: For those with short memories, “weakening background checks refers to efforts to avooid the creation of a universal gun owners registry, similar to the ones that resulted in more than in government sponsored mass murders during the 20th Century. If gun ban advocates obeyed the law there would have been little opposition to Universal Background Checks.

And the problem with adding people on the no fly list is that a simple accusation will put you on that list, but it it takes an act of Congress to get an innocent person off that list. The result with the actual no fly list has been a great injustice, with innocent people stuck in places like Hawaii, unable to fllly or book ship passage home.

In my opinion, Zimmerman is a fine example of the sort of mindless evil the permeates the gun ban industry.


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