His Numbers Are Wrong, But He Is Right

This gentleman is correct, although his numbers came from the gun ban lobby. I will post the correct numbers below the video, since the gentleman is right where it counts.

The gentleman needs a gun. H needs standard capacity magazine, which gun ban lobbyists often call a “high capacity clip.” Just as every law abiding American does = and the numbers prove it:


Over the 522 years since the first gun control laws, new laws have appeared at a rate of about 110 such laws a year. so far, we the nine of us have found 57,789 such laws. Of those not eve one has reduced crime, made anyone safer, or reduced the frequency or number of politically motivated mruders.

Depending on the severity of the law and the rigor of enforcement, this is similar to the results of any of those 57,589 gun control laws, shown here beginning in 1963:

Does that sort of rise in your community’s murder rate seem attractive? If it does, you might have a reason to favor restrictive gun laws:: But if you want the sort of decline the United States saw

But if yoiu want to live peacefully, without becoming the victim of criminal victimization, you want permissive gun laws, whose results are seen here by the homicide rate after 1993:

NB: The increase in homicide is shown by the red bars, and the gold “2017 estimated homicide total,” on the right

That decline came to a halt in 2015, with the advent of yet another gun ban drive, but it was good while it lasted. Our homicide rate fffell fomr 67th in the world to 122md. Other violent crime rates fell from as low as the 50’s to the 140’s. And thne came gun control and all the good news stopped, As you can see from the FBI numbers in spreadsheet form, or at the FBI Publications website.

Amd. as promised the correct numbers are under the signature.


First, there approximately 255 million ADULT Americans, living in some 116 million occupied dwellings. since “what is the husband’s is the wife’s to use,” and the gun owners spouse properly counts as a gun owner.

so that “39.75 percent of Americans own a gun” survey the gun ban lobbyists are so fond of becomes 79.5% if ADULT Americans, living in 82 million of 116 million hoousing units, have at home access to firearms.

Next, the actual number of firearms in circulation: The number of gun in a nation where the service life of a gun is over a century, and Americans have purchased A country whose citizens have purchased more than 200,000,000 new guns in 25 years, and where the average life of a gun is more than a century, no one should be surprised that there are approximately 740,000,000 serviceable gun in circulation.

yep, we have a lot of guns – but our crime rates are among the lowest in the world. and there can be no doubt that our crime rates would be far lower if congress preempted all State and local gun laws, allowing only those laws with a history of reducing crime.


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