Hillary Rodham’s Spox Compares AntiFa to D-Day Soldiers

In an a prob able indication of close links between Socialist grouips, The Daily Caller reports Hillary Rodham’s spokesperson has praised AntiFa, comparing them to D-Day soldiers.

This is not only a strong hint that AntiFa and the ANMTIgun Partei are linked, but is also a backhanded denigration of the soldiers who fought their way from Omaha Beach Germany.

Since representative of the the titular head of the Democratic Partei has chosen to denigrate my two brothers, I can easily choose to avoid Partei candidates.


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2 Responses to Hillary Rodham’s Spox Compares AntiFa to D-Day Soldiers

  1. Wu Chang says:

    I never saw a D-Day soldier storm the beaches wearing a mask or setting the American flag on fire

    To make an equivalence of Antifa and the troops that invaded Occupied Europe is not only laughable but is so far out of rational thought that it makes you wonder what history class these folks missed in school

    Disgraceful and to think the MSM doesn’t dismiss these people as being unbalanced

  2. Stranger says:

    The only time I ever saw a D0Day vet wearing a mask was one fighting a bandanna over his face while fighting a house fire.

    One of my Dad’s first crop of boys was too days too young to avoid the draft,and went ashore in the second or third wave. The other was a chef, and went in with the first officers mess to come
    off the boats. Both were highly patriotic, and would be offended at any suggestion equating a member of a terror group with a D-Day veteran.


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