Here’s Chucky, Talking From The Heart About Gun Bans

here is Senator Charles E. Schumoer, AKA “Chuck E.” or “Chucky” giving us a glimpse of his heart about gun bans.

Yet despite his persistent calls for gun bans since his first day in the House of Representatives, Chucky Schumer says Americans have a right to keep and bear arms. A right that “must be sharply urtai8led for the safety of the people.”

Chucky also says we are in the middle of a long term rise in violent crime, caused by people exercising their right to purchase, bo own, to posses, and to carry guns.

Well, here is what the FBI says about that, starting with the effect of the gun control campaign between November, 1963 and December 1968; and the Gun Control Act of 1968, beginning in late De ember of that year:

And did Chucky’s “Brady Law” actually cut crime? No.

When Hillary Clinton’s “Assaut Weapons Ban was put in place, 224 Americans were murdered with a Sport Utility Rifle over 10 years, an average of 22 o 23 a year. Millions of Sport Utility Rifle sales later, the number currently averages approximately 42 a year between 2007 and 2016. Chucky calls that a “precipitious decline.

But we did have a precipitious decline in homicide and in violent crime between 1994 and November, 1998. It is time consuming but otherwise trivial to document the cause of that decline.

An analysis of the 50 States clearly demonstrates relaxed gun laws led to more gun sales, and far lower crime rates. When background checks kicked in on November 30, 1998 the decline in violent crime numbers and rates slowed to a crawl.


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