here Is What Murphy Will Do To The Law Abiding In New Jersey has the measures Democratic Candidate for Governor intends to do to New Jersey, should he be elected.

Murphy is a typical Democrat, a borrow, tax, pring and blow type. Besides a potential economic disaster if he is not restrained, hee is what the entertainment industyr’s perpetual gun ban campaign has done to New Jersey since 1968, and the Democrat’s gun control laws have done since they went into effect 1 January, 1968, with a little help from even more restritive amendments:

The Hughes Law on guns was so successful that gun an AP report from August, 1968, reporting on an interview with a New Jersey State Patrol worker in charge of tabulating crime reports, reported an 88 percent increase in gun reelated crime in the first six months of enforcement.

And here is New Jerseey’s Robbery and Aggravated assault rates rate, over the same period. This is notable because Hughes promised to end gun related hoomicides in the Garden State, the State had only 240 murders wi only 105, or 44%, firearms related. For 2016, after 372 murders, with 278 or 74.7 percent gun murders.

Essentially, what Murphy has done is to take twenty failed gun laws, each of which have been tried more than 100 times without a single success and billed it as a cure for New Jersey’s crime problem. Putting that in a more comprehesible form, Murphy proposes to take laws that have collectively failed more than 4,700 times, get them made into law – and make the Garden State crime free.

Just as the entertainment industry’s 1963 gun ban campaign, the original 1967 Jigjes bo;;. amd a;; tje add-oms amd amendments since.

Here are New Jerseey’s crime numbers since 1960, showing very clearly what gun control has done. And here is a link is a link to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports that are available on line.

Don’t take my word for it, until you look the numbers over and see who is telling the truth about New Jersey’s crime situation.

And hopefully, this incipient disastr can be curbed in time.


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