“Have We Reached Infinity?”

A Truckee insomniac asks if the probability that the next gun control law will fail have reached infinity.

Infinity “Is a number so large that if you cut it into quarters each quarter would be as large as the whole.” While the 50 utter failure of ever restrictive gun law in 50 States and the District of Columbia provides a probability the next such law will fail that is far out of normal human experience, it is not infinity.

However, as far as human experience is concerned, the probability that the next restrictive gun law will fail might as well be infinite.After all,ake aclose look at this long term chart of the United STates homicide rate. Those red columns at the far right show the results of the post 2012 gun control campaign:

There will be a fourth, and taller, red bar when the 2016 FBI Uniform Crime report is released. and that growth will continue so long as the gun control campaign continues.

And yes, the same effect shows up at the Stat the State and city level. Here’s Oregon:

As the saying goes, “The burned child dreads the fire.” Unfortunately, gun control advocates never seem to learn by experience, preferring their dram world to reality.


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