Hartford, CT: Small City In A Gun Ban State

Hartford, the Capitol of Connecticut,,, has a relatively small population for a city that earns regular mention here.

Hartford, which one boasted of its “Progressivism” haaas been shrinking for decades, and currently has an estimated population of 122,000, and will soon have less as several major employers are reportedly looking for facilities in low tax States.

In 2012, the year Adam Lanza murdered 20 kindergarden students, 6 school staff, and his mother, Hartford had a total of 21 ,irders. fpr a sky high homicide rate of 17.21 per 100,000 population.

For 2017 Hartford’s homicide rate was on the verge of slipping into thrid-world territory with 29 murders and a homicide rate of 23.8 per 100,000 population.

Here is a Satewide view of wht gun controls, starting with th eentertainment indusry’s 1963 campaign to ban guns, has done to the Nutmeg State:

As you can see, when Connecticut had only mild restrictions and no gun ban porpaganda, December 1, 11963. murder and violent crime rates were very low.

But when gun control campaigns came along and began sssending crime rates sky high, life got dangerous in Connecticut.


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