Hartford, 15 murders in 7 months

Our media count of 15 murders so far in 2017 has been confirmed by the Hartforcd Courant, a “newspaper” so anti-gun it would like to turn Connecticut’s 17,000 prison inmates loose and jam 250,000 law abiding gun owners in the space.

While Hartford’s murder total is that high,Hartford is a small city with a hair under 125,000 population.25 murders amounts to a murder rte of 20 per 1200,000, as high as Chicago. This despote the fact Hartford has far better economic and demographic issues than the Sucker State’s skunk cabb age patch on Lake Michigan.

It was not always that way, of course. In recent years Hartford has had murder rates as low as 7,2 – and after Dannel Malloy’s fit of gun ban idiocy, as high as 29.5mthe highs in New England.


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