Haiti Almost Even With Venezuelan Homicide Rate

Thanks to Steve Bartin’s Newsalert, I see Hati’s homicide rte is very nearly as high as Venezuela’s, currently the move violent country on Earth.

While Venezuela has not conducted a credible census since 1990, and the usual alternative is unfeloable due to widespread starvation, the consenssus seems to be that Venezuela’s murder rate is above 230 per 100,000 population., putting Venezuela ahead of Haiti’s 216 per 100,000.

Both nations have essentially disarmed their citizens, so the people are unable to respond to the volent criminals in their midst.

From police reported homicide numbers, Norway is colse to the head of the pack, with a homicide rate of 0.52 per 100,000, or 1 murder for 200,000 citizens. That is a police reported number and is as reliable as other police reported homicide totals. with that caution, it is worthy of note that Norway’s mean income is approximately 100 times larger than Hati’s.


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