Gutowsky Talks The Prejudice Of The Entertainment Industry

The Washington Free Beacon has an item discussing the entertainment industry’s hostility to private gun ownership that is a good read.

Historically, the industry’s overt hostility dates to 1963, when the Communo-Socialists in the industry were coming out of hiding after the collapse of the “Witch Hunts” of the 1950’s.

The first link in a chain of events were new child labor laws that closed the door to may youngsters sorting bottles and other simple jobs for pocket money. The predictable result was a rise in “juvenile delinquency, something that caught the eye of J. Edgar Hoover in law enforcement.

With a rise in juvenile crime already causing a stir, the release of two studies suggesting television violence led to copycat activities on the part of the young, and demands that “interpersonal violence” be moved to after the ten o’clock news.

The industry panicked. Profits were already low, reshooting interpersonal violence to make it acceptable for afternoon viewing would cost between $50 and $100 million dollars, equivalent to several years of industry profits, and both the performers and the executives felt the noose tightening.

Something must be done!

The murder of President Kennedy provided John F. Kennedy, allegedly by a man with a mail order rifle, provided the means. A meeting in Chicago on Thanksgiving weekend provided a million dollars – enough to buy a rental fleet of family sedans at the time – provided funding.

Within days, Dodd quietly changed the agenda. Instead of small screen violence, the hearings were to seek ways to ban most firearms, and the entertainment industry has been a bitter enemy of civil and gun rights since.

Currentlyi, that million put up ostensibly to make the public aware of the menace of “mail order guns” has turned into nearly a billion dollars in air time, both in “news” and in “entertainment.” The print media has devoted almost as mch to converting paid advertising space to gun ban propaganda.

And all of that because of the personal conviction that some form of Socialism would be better than the free enterprise system that made many of them rich; and of fear of future loss of revenue if interpersonal violence is banned.


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