Guns Should Never Be Allowed In Churches?

I have one contact post for “A Preacher” stating that guns or other weapons should never be allowed in a church.


Well, A. Preacher, as I recall there were 13 people at the Last supper, Jesus, Simon called Peer, Judas the Iscariot, Bartholomew, James the Lesser, Andrew, John, Thomas, James the Greater, Philip, Matthew, and Thaddeus, and Mary the Magdalene.

The purpose was a farewell of sorts, and the record given us contains only one item of significant business conducted in the Upper Room, a direct order by Jesus to his 12 to arm themselves. and, as i the narrative makes clear, two of the disciples were carrying.

he Upper Room qualifies as a church, and those most familiar with our Lord were carrying in His Presence.

If it is acceptable to carry in the Presence, it is acceptable to carry in a small town Baptist church.

If two out of 13 of those in a small town Baptist church, the likely death toll would have been 4, with the killer making the fourth.


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4 Responses to Guns Should Never Be Allowed In Churches?

  1. Stephen Scheiwe says:

    Scheiwe’s Law: Irony always procedes to the maximum. Restated, where humans are involved, the most ironic event is the one most likely to happen. This is why we ‘knock on wood’ after making a statement about an event we don’t want to happen. It reduces the irony.
    I mention this only this because I discussed with a neighbor today the reason I carry a service size pistol(M&P S&W 40, police surplus) instead of my compact 9mm. We were unaware of events in TX. I chose to deal with the issues of carrying concealed a large pistol to better be able to respond effectively to a church shooter. We discussed several scenarios.
    We wonder what the immediate effect of 40+ caliber rounds have on someone in body armor. My current drill is 2 in the chest, 1 in the head if needed. Does 2 in the chest waste precious time that could be used to make an accurate head shot? My wife and I always sit in the back of the church way off to the side out of immediate line of fire. That isn’t tactical, it keeps her close to the bathroom.
    I hope your readers have some insight on body armor hits. Thanks in advance.

  2. Stranger says:

    Hi Stephen, thanks for the comment. You have given me food for several posts, as soon as I finish Wyoming in the Cost of gun control series.

    My lights went out last night putting me down for three hours, so you get only a partial reply at the moment. Consider this. The mean number of fatalities when there is an armed defender in a group under fire is 2.8. If no one in the group is unable to effectively defend, the mean death toll is 15.4.

    Further, look at the relatively small number of mass murder attempts in areas where concealed carry is permitted. That in itself is a powerful argument for near universal carry, and forcing places that object to LTC holders presence to prominently post that near the entrance.


  3. Stranger says:

    Thanks, Wu Chang. I will probably work that one in tomorrow. Right now, by bod things I rolled out at 2, and it has put in way too many hours. The time change probably discombobultes your nap time as well.

    Regars to the YF


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