“guns manufactured in usa 2011”

Someone stopped by searching for “guns manufactured in usa 2011.”

Unfortunately, the ATF say they cannot release production numbers for fourteen months after the end of the year, so we cannot expect that number until April, 2013. However, I can come up with an estimate.

According to the ATF’s 2012 Firearms in Commerce Update, there were 5,459,240 guns made in the United States during 2010.

Judging by firearms taxes collected, the total number of guns manufactured in the United States during 2011 was slightly more than 7,100,000 guns.

That is somewhat confirmed by 2011’s 24/7 gun production from virtually all American gun makers, and the consistent increase in the number of NICS checks.

In addition to domestic manufacture, ATF says there were 3,252,404 guns imported during 2011, for a total of approximately 10,350.000 new guns made and imported, less some 250,000 firearms exported.

Therefore, I estimate there were about 10,100,000 new guns sold in the United States during 2011, along with almost 5,000,000 used and refurbished guns.

With almost 13,200,000 NICS checks completed in through August September of 2012, the total for 2012 will almost certainly top eleven million new guns and five million used guns sold in the United States – with no market saturation in sight.


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